Choosing a Monologue

There are a few requisites for the monologue that will help to determine how I narrow down my choices.  

1. Contemporary language – I don’t want to alienate a pretty mainstream audience with Shakespearean language, etc.

2. Standalone text – this is a pretty tall order as far as monologues are concerned but what I mean here is that you don’t need much (if any) back story to set up the character.

3. Memorable – I don’t want this to be wishy washy, I want a challenging bit of content that will really stick with the viewer and convey a character that is very different than my own person.  Part of the whole point of this exercise is making sure that my co-workers are convinced that what I’m doing is actual acting as opposed to just regurgitating lines.

I can’t really decide yet if it should be funny or not.  With this audience, specifically my co-workers at Mixamo, I’m thinking either something funny or Sci-Fi/Fantasy or both, would be best.  Originally I was thinking about this one from Saint Joan and then on the other side of things is this one of Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors.  I don’t think either of these will hit the mark so I’ll keep digging and get some more choices on the table.  One things for sure – its damn hard to find a good female monologue on the interwebs!

Vetting all this tomorrow.  For now, its a start.

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