Capturing video onto Kate in the Unity game engine

About This Project

Capturing video onto Kate in the Unity game engine
Capturing the performance onto the 3D character in the Unity game engine

Why Do This?

My roots are in performance and creating believable characters.  I’m using this project as a jumping off point to learn how to implement the 3D pipeline into projects I conceive of myself.

This is a proof-of-concept project to test the capabilities of prosumer performance capture tools.  The objective is to prepare a monologue to the point where the performance is compelling, then see how well the emotion is conveyed when the data is transferred onto a 3D character.

What Tech Am I Using?

The 3D character and the performance capture technology are made possible with Mixamo, a technology company devoted to making it more accessible for artists and developers alike to get animated 3D characters into projects at a fraction of the time it takes to generate these assets manually.

Gremlins Monologue —> Fuse (Character Creator) —>  Unity (Game Engine) —> Face Plus (Performance Capture) —> Premiere (Post Production Editing)

What’s the Timeline?

The scope has augmented a bit from my first post about the project.  I’ve added two additional weeks to the time line so that I can properly learn the production and post-production elements.

Due Dates:
June 7 – Identify monologue, Source 3D model, Character Bio
June 14 – Memorize & Rehearse Monologue
June 21 – Perform Monologue & Get Feedback
June 28 – Incorporate Feedback, Record with Face Plus

July 7 – Get Correct Shaders Applied, Cut Video Together
July 14 – Show to Mixamo, Post to Vimeo, Get Feedback
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