And… How?

Character Development – Part Four

How do they feel? About themselves? About others?

Kate feels a lot of anger towards everyone who can enjoy themselves on Christmas.  She feels she got a short end of the stick and that others around her not only will never understand, but they won’t let her be forthcoming about her resentment because “how can you hate Christmas?”  She feels alone and defensive and like the whole Santa Claus deal is just a bunch of bull shit.

How do they carry themselves (Posture, power center)? Head, Chest, stomach, hips, feet?

Kate is an attractive young woman and she knows it.  She’s got a pugnacious sense about her where she is on guard for those lecherous men who will lear at her.  She leads with her head high and a perpetual tightness in her shoulders.

How do they move? Fast, slow, strong, weak? Is there an animal they move like?

She is no nonsense.  Deliberate quick movements to get things done efficiently and so they don’t have to be done again.  Not so much fast as just no extra movements because she has to do so much she conserves energy.

How does the audience feel? About the character? About the shot?

The audience wants to root for Kate and yet… her unconventional attitude about the holidays and her unwillingness to back down from conflict make her a little bit of a question mark, a loose cannon.  Ultimately, they root for Kate because they want Billy to get the girl.  And, she’s the girl – a multi-dimensional no nonsense 1980’s alternative archetype sort of girl – but a girl nonetheless.

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