But, Why?

Character Development – Part Three

Why are they saying this line? 

Because Billy just saved her life and she is letting down her guard with him.  She appreciates him taking care of her.

Why are they feeling this way? 

Since that fateful Christmas when she was nine, Kate hasn’t had much of anybody taking care of her.  Her mom had a total nervous breakdown and Kate has had to pick up the pieces.  She is both grateful to Billy and also drawn to him because they are both stuck in this small town long after their peers have moved on to bigger and better things.

Why do they want to achieve their goals and objectives? 

Kate wants to live out this Gremlin nightmare because she is a stalwart kind of gal.  She’s not the kind to give up or just throw in the towel because of some blood and guts and horrific tragedy.  She has gone through too much to let some ridiculous monsters destroy the life she has worked so hard to carve out for herself.

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