Character. Analysis. Yo!

While I’m hard at work memorizing the monologue, below are the questions I’ll be answering to get an overall sense of who Kate really is.  I’ll work through these over the next couple of days.

Character Development

Think about this line:

Everyone is the main character in their own story

The Main Question:

Who is this character?

Asking and answering questions like this will inform your animation 

throughout the process. This will inform you about their personality, 

motivations, and goals. It will open up good ideas, eliminate generic ones. 

This process is a way for you to see things clearly in your mind. The better 

you’re able to visualize a shot, the easier the process. Come up with more 

questions and answers to further refine your character’s personality and 

story. Be specific, create a personality that exists in its own world, and have 

fun with the process!

Answer the 5 W’s (+H)

Who, What, Where, When, Why, How?

Character: These questions 

Who is this character? (Gender, Age, Health, Intelligence, Culture)

Who are they talking to? Talking about? 

Who do they want to be? Who are they trying to impress?

What do they want? From life, from this moment? (goals, objectives)

What are they willing to do to get it? 

What happened before this shot? After?

What obstacles are in their way? Conflict: Self, Others, Environment

What is the information this shot needs to deliver for the audience?

How do they feel? About themselves? About others?

How do they carry themselves (Posture, power center)? Head, Chest, 

stomach, hips, feet?

How do they move? Fast, slow, strong, weak? Is there an animal they 

move like?

How does the audience feel? About the character? About the shot?

Why are they saying this line? 

Why are they feeling this way? 

Why are they here?

Why do they want to achieve their goals and objectives? 

Where are the characters located? 

Where did they come from? Where are they going? 

When do they live? When does this take place?

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