Monologue / Prototype Project

One short project to start a long career of exploration.

Gotta start somewhere.  I’m putting this out there in the open so that I can share my process, be open to feedback, and hopefully inspire other people to start exploring, no matter how small the first step may be.

Monologue/Prototype Plan

Start Date: June 1
End Date: June 30

Objective: Finish a one month project that combines performance skills and working with 3D characters/technology.  Assess the viability of bigger/longer projects involving performance capture and 3D characters.
Description: perform a short monologue recorded by web cam and feed the video through Face Plus so that the performance is captured onto a 3D character.  Show the video feeds side by side first to Mixamo employees and then shared on a blog.  Track the project development on a blog to start building a portfolio of projects.
1. Identify the monologue to perform
2. Figure out which 3D character to use – can I get a coworker to make one for me?
3. Prepare the monologue: break into beats, write character bio,
4. Memorize the monologue
5. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse
6. Perform monologue for director friend, get feedback
7. Rehearse some more
8. When its ready, record the monologue using Face Plus
9. Cut the video together and post to YouTube
10. Show it at Monday morning meeting on June 30th
11. Get feedback from peers
Due Dates:
June 7 – Complete Steps 1, 2 & 3
June 14 – Complete Steps 4 & 5
June 21 – Complete Step 6, 7
June 28 – Complete Steps 8, 9, & 10

June 30 – Complete Step 11
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