More Monologue Choices

Other monologues I dug up in my research today:

  • Ellie, The Last of Us: I’m inclined not to use this, even though it is badass, just because its really just copy written for the trailer, as far as I know she doesn’t say this in the game
  • Various, Battlestar Gallactica: Pretty awesome ones here, might *require* that I start watching the entire series… which might seriously detract from my productivity this month but… hmmm…
  • Kate Beringer, Gremlins: I’m really loving this one.  Its very very dark comedy and its vintage 80’s scary (?) movie.  Could be the winner.

Need to make a choice by tomorrow or Friday.  The decision definitely comes down to how much research is involved. I’ll be weighing out the options over the next couple of days.
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