On Asking for Help

Today is the day that I scheduled to have the 3D character all worked out for my project. 

Because of the software I’m using, I can make the character myself and I can get get it mostly ready to animate, except for the face.  It is very difficult to rig the face of a 3D character.  If I don’t get the character’s face rigged then it would be like having a puppet that you can’t even move around except for throwing it across the room.  So, its pretty vital that I get the help I need or else this whole project will be for nothing! 

And… I’ve been hesitant to ask for help on the character from a co-worker because, well, because I’ve built it up to be a big huge deal.

Not because I thought maybe I could do it myself, or anything like that (although, that is a whole other issue).  No, this hesitancy comes from how much I value my co-worker’s time.

I’ve worked in the 3D industry for over 5 years now. I guess I’ve just always been so beholden to the expertise of these specialized 3D technical artists that I treat them like their time is more precious than my own.  In the grand scheme of things, this is a true statement. 

Building this portfolio is about becoming an expert in my own right.  I’m making a path for myself to become a person whose time and expertise is considered a rare resource.  In the meantime, I still have to get my buddy to help me out.

It took me all day today to get up the nerve to ask.  

And you know what?  My rigging specialist didn’t even skip a beat – he said of course he would help me out.  Because he has already written a script that turns two hours of work into 20 minutes of work.  That’s how badass he is!

All that worry was for nothing.  And yes, maybe the next time I need something, I’ll get turned down.  Then at least I’ll know I need to find a different resource (or start learning a particular skill myself!).  Either way, it is a waste of energy and time to worry about what someone might or might not be willing to do.  

So the lesson is this – in this and all future projects I gotta just ask for help.  

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