What are you?

Character Development – Part Two

What do they want? From life, from this moment? 

Kate wants to get out of this small town and away from her mother, her low-end job, her responsibilities.  In this moment she is making herself vulnerable to Billy because he came to rescue her from the bar with all the gremlins.  Her objective is to let him know why she was so defensive towards him previously when he asked her why she didn’t like Christmas.  Because Billy is taking care of her, she wants to show that she cares for him.

What are they willing to do to get it?

Kate is willing to let down her guard and tell Billy a very private and painful memory in order to show she cares

What happened before this shot? After?

The scene takes place directly after Billy comes to the tavern where Kate works to rescue her from the Gremlins who have taken over the establishment.  She has almost been able to free herself by snapping a camera flash at the light averse creature but Billy comes just as she is being held at gunpoint by a Gremlin wearing sunglasses.

Right after this scene, the duo find the Gremlins in the local movie theater enjoying a show.  They are able to lock most of the creatures inside the theater and blow it up with a gas leak explosion.

What obstacles are in their way? Conflict: Self, Others, Environment

Kate has always been real tough so even in telling Billy her story, she won’t let herself get all emotional and teary-eyed.  Its also the middle of winter on the East Coast so its pretty cold outside as they are walking around the small town.


What is the information this shot needs to deliver for the audience?

Kate’s bitterness, scorn and contempt for the tradition of Santa Claus – a tradition that robbed her of a father, a childhood and (in her perception at this point in her life) a future.

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