Who Are You?

Character Development – Part One

Who is this character? 

Gender: Female
Age: 19-20 Years Old
Health: Healthy, stays active through her job, taking care of her mother
Intelligence: Kate is very smart and extremely intuitive.  She hasn’t had a lot of time to devote to formal studies or academic pursuits since she has had to take care of her mother since the age of nine.
Culture: Kate is from an upper middle class caucasian family living in a small town Pennsylvania, USA.  

Who are they talking to? Talking about? 

Kate is talking to her boyfriend/co-worker about how her father died and the traumatic circumstances surrounding his death.

Who do they want to be? Who are they trying to impress?Kate wants to be a person who doesn’t have to have all the responsibilities and baggage that she carries around.  She would rather have healthy, living parents who she does not have to parent.

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